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Android apps

I made Clover, an Android app to browse 4chan. Clover adds inline replying, thread watching, notifications, themes, pass support, filters and a whole lot more. Clover is licensed under the GPL and will always be free.

I worked on Player to get familiar with the world of video playback. It uses mpv as a library to play back video, glued together with the Android JNI.


I work on µchan, an old style messageboard with an advanced backend written in Flask from scratch, with a focus on performance for when your site grows. µchan heavily utilizes Varnish and memcache to achieve this, and uses Celery, a task job queue, to distribute the load of posting and other tasks.

I worked with Terry on SteamLadder. Written in Flask, SteamLadder aggregates content from the Steam API to rank profiles by level, amount of games, amount of badges and more.

My Github

JavaScript fun stuff

I used to make a lot of tiny things in JavaScript, here are some of them. The source isn’t minified, be sure to take a look at the code.

Falling snow Some snow powered by WebGL
Minimax theorem Tic tac toe machine that always wins
Particles One of my first JavaScript canvas projects. It draws lines in various colors that follow the mouse cursor.
Webcraft Simple WebGL voxel engine made from scratch.
Cursors Multiplayer drawing on any webpage.